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Lyric Robot is a high-tech enterprise in the high-end intelligent whole line equipment industry
with advanced domestic and global vision.

Company Profile

Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lyric ") was established on November 19, 2014, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market on July 1, 2021, stock code: 688499. Lyric is one of the world’s first-class enterprises of lithium-ion battery equipment, and one of the advanced enterprises in the field of digital and intelligent factories. Lyric focuses on customized R&D, production and sales of intelligent equipment, providing the leading enterprises in the fields of new energy (lithium-ion battery, photovoltaic, fuel cell) with digital and intelligent overall manufacturing solutions!

In the 2022, R&D expenses accounted for about 12% of the revenue, maintaining the industry's leading position. At present, there are more than 10,000 employees around the world, and a R&D and engineering team of more than 2,600 people composed of academicians, doctors, masters and other high-level talents. In addition to having branches (subsidiaries) or technical service stations in Huizhou, Guangzhou,Ningde, Shanghai, Nanjing, Nantong, and Shenzhen in China, Lyric Robot also has subsidiaries or offices in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, the United States, and Canada continuously making efforts in R&D, manufacturing, machining and after-sales service in the international field, and continuously promoting the globalization of the industrial chain. At the same time, Lyric Robot has achieved the full chain coverage of intelligent equipment for single processes, automated production lines, intelligent warehousing and logistics, information-based products to digital factories - based on the seven underlying technology platforms, technologies such as intelligent perception, control technology, execution technology, intelligent storage technology, laser application technology, digital technology and pan-vacuum technology. Lyric provides highly competitive products and services for ATL, CATL, BYD, Gotion High-Tech, Sunwoda, SVOLT Energy, Microvast, Envision, VW, Samsung and other Top 500 companies and leading companies in various fields.

The intelligent equipment developed and manufactured by Lyric Robot has passed the certifications of various European and American national standards such as CE and NRTL. As of December 31, 2023, over 3,513 intellectual property rights have been deployed at home and abroad, and Lyric Robot has participated in the establishment of more than ten national standards, industry standards and group standards.

Over the years, Lyric has been adhering to the business policy of "focusing on intelligent manufacturing, active innovation, excellence, customer satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and social satisfaction", and the core values of " Customer Orientation, Hardworking, extend Wisdom and Virtue, and realize Common Achievements", with the mission to "Strengthen and refine intelligent equipment, push the limit in manufacturing industry", striving to be a world-class company, while contributing to a carbon neutral future, and creating a platform for outstanding engineers!


Overseas Industrial Park









Domestic Industrial Park

Huizhou Ma'an

Huizhou Boluo









Strengthen and refine intelligent equipment, push the limit in manufacturing industry.


To be a world-class company, to build a carbon neutral future, to create a platform for outstanding engineers.


Customer Orientation, Hardworking, extend Wisdom and Virtue, and realize Common Achievements

Development Course

  • Establishment of Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Suowo Technology Co., Ltd.

  • ● ERP, PM, PLM, SRM, CRM, DingTalk and other IT tools are fully online

    ● Cooperation with Japan's Aisin Seiki.

  • ● Awarded as a National High-Tech Enterprise

    ● Order amount of a single project exceeds 200 million RMB

    ● Equipment exported to Canada

  • ● Complete lines for EV battery cell assembly and module and pack assembly delivered to customers

    ● Established cooperative relations with well-known Canadian auto parts company

    ● Won the bid for stacked battery cell assembly line project at Lishen Qingdao

  • ● Approved to establish a national post-doctoral research station

    ● Appointed Academician Tan Jianrong of China and Academician Zhang Jianwei of Germany as technical expert consultants

    ● Intelligent assembly line for automobile body structure parts exported to Germany

    ● Established cooperative relations with Siemens and China Railway

    ● Won the bid for EV battery module assembly lines at multiple manufacturing bases of BYD

  • ● Core equipment of the lithium battery cell assembly and battery testing section was recognized as international advanced level

    ● Won the bid for ZTE's wireless base station smart factory project

    ● Won the bid for Sunwoda's Nanjing Phase I 2.7 GWh project

    ● Won the bid for Great Wall's SVOLT pouch cell pilot line project

    ● Intelligent equipment project in Germany officially accepted

  • ● The company has become one of the leading enterprises in the global lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment industry, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with manufacturers such as ATL, CATL, BYD, Gotion High-Tech, SVOLT Energy, Sunwoda, etc., and has actively explored such famous customers as Envision, Samsung SDI, LG, Volkswagen, REPT, Hithium, Cornex, Beijing WKW Automotive Parts, Xiaopeng Motors, CanadianSolar, QingTao, Tianneng Battery Group etc. Key laboratory of intelligent lithium battery manufacturing equipment enterprises in Guangdong Province (coating technology, laser welding technology, formation testing technology, storage and logistics technology) Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Province.

  • Successfully won the bid for mid to late stage equipment (pole laser cutting, assembly line body, module line), TOPCON screen printing line in the photovoltaic field

    Establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary - Lyric Technology Corporation in Japan

    Three full line solutions for extreme intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries (square shell batteries, cylindrical batteries, and soft pack batteries) were unveiled at the Japan International Smart Energy Week and the Seoul Battery Exhibition in South Korea.

    Signed a deep strategic agreement with the Yangtze River Delta Solar Photovoltaic Technology Innovation Center on photovoltaic equipment technology cooperation.

    Obtained the designated 20GWH project for Far East AESC UK and France, and participated in Shenzhen CIBF for the first time.

    Huasheng signs the overall HJT equipment LOI for the entire line; The delivered double-layer wide width coating machine has received high recognition from BYD customers.

    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Inpai Battery, a subsidiary of GAC.

    The first battery core wire and module pack exported to the United States were delivered to Tennessee as a whole.

    GOTION, independently undertaken by Lyric, successfully launched its first battery pack in Silicon Valley, USA, and module production in Hungary (BYD Budapest base).

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Is subversion,

It’s a cyclone rushing forward,

It is the way we compose and create an intelligent world.

Mature experience of 2000+ projects

More than 10 domestic and foreign leading technology application production lines

3000+ mature project experience

69 domestic and foreign advanced technology application production lines

Global Coordinator

10000+  number of employees worldwide

4500+   engineers

Coordinator Efficiency

3000+ units/year   equipment delivery capacity

>1400   number of projects we are able to carry out simultaneously

6000+ cumulative number of developed non-standard projects