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Strengthen and refine intelligent equipment, push the limit in manufacturing industry.


To be a world-class company, to build a carbon neutral future, to create a platform for outstanding engineers.


Core Values: customers first, hard work, wisdom and virtue, make yourself and others better

Talent compensation

Food and accomodation included
Holiday gifts
Team building
On-the-job training
Statutory holidays
Paid annual leave
Marriage gift
Shuttle bus

Career development


Lyric always adheres to the concept of people-oriented and common development, and has been working hard to build challenging jobs that are conducive to employee development.
Exerting our employees' personal potential to realize their personal values. We provide a wide range of space for the development of each Lyric employee.


All employees are provided with a "technical" and "management" dual-channel career development mechanism to create a "no ceiling" career development platform;
Emphasizing the "quick learning" culture; through cooperation with industry experts and customers, employees get high-quality project opportunities;
Multi-position and systematic training to obtain opportunities for rapid learning and growth;
Adhering to the talent value of "result-oriented, contribution-oriented", while helping employees grow rapidly, it provides employees with abundant material returns.

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