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Laser Marking Machine


Min Line Width


Long-term Drift(<)




Focal Length

Product description

LrMark-UV05 is a laser marking machine with high level of digitalization and information, and is very suitable for automatic manufacturing. The double-door design on both sides makes it easy to integrate with the automated production line; while the integrated MES system and digital twin technology guarantee its quick transformation from a single machine to be a member of the automatic production line. Meanwhile, LrMark-UV05 is compatible with different types of lasers to meet most of the marking requirements in the field of precision electronics, new energy, medical devices and other industries.

Product highlights

● Compatible with UV, CO2 and fiber laser, Perfect laser wavelength and power coverage;

● High-quality laser marking, especially suitable for flight marking and QR code marking applications;

● Customized function configurations, including rotary station, double-station marking and etc;

● Enclosed high-efficiency smoke/dust removal system design, completely inhibits dust hazards;

● Lyric Robot owned digital twin technology, supporting remote maintenance;

● Integrated Ethernet, EtherCAT bus data transmission.

Sample Display

激光打标 (4).png  

Laser Marking in Plastic Tube

激光打标 (2).png  

UV Laser Marking in Paper Carton

激光打标 (3).png  

Laser Marking in the Plastic Case of Medical Devices

Equipment parameters

Min Line Width

0.008 mm

Scan Speed≤ 7 m/s @ f=163mm

 2 μra

Long-term Drift<150 μrad
Focal Length100 210 305Scan Area50x50 130x130 201x201mm
Working Area100×100 200×200 300×300mmType of LasersUV Laser/CO2 Laser/Fiber Laser
Laser Power3/5/10,10/30/60,20/30/50Supported FileCDR, AI,DXF,CAD,etc
Environment Requirement15°C-45°C, 10%≤ Humidity≤95%, No CondensingPower Consumption3 kW
Power SupplyAC 220V / 50HzEquipment Dimensions1600 mm×800 mm×1900 mm
Equipment Weight 1 TOption 1Programmable X, Y, Z Axis
Option 2Rotary Station

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