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Precise Laser Welding Machine


Positioning Repeatability(±)


Scan Angle(±)

10 μrad/K

Temperature Drift(<)


Long-term Drift(<)

Product description

LrWeld-F150 is developed for precision welding applications in the field of consumer lithium ion batteries (LIB). It integrates functions involving battery shell and cell loading and unloading, tab shaping, tab cutting, CCD detection and position correction, vision assisted laser welding, post welding detection, cell folding into the shell, etc., and can realize the automatic production of LIB. Its precise vision positioning and control system is also very suitable for precision welding in the field of precision electronics.

Product highlights

● High-precision digital galvoscanner control system, automatically identifies the position and rotation of the workpiece through the reference point caught in the coaxial machine vision system.;

● Adaptive welding fixture, allowing large height deviation of the incomings;

● High peak power pulse Laser spot welding, has advantages of high welding speed, high strength and small thermal effect;

● CCD assisted post welding quality inspection, product quality is assured;

● Lyric Robot owned digital twin technology, supporting remote maintenance;

● Integrated functions of precision fixture, coaxial vision and laser optics, laser welding, and robotics.

● Targeted to Precise Laser Cutting, Drilling, & Welding Application In the Field of EV Battery and Precision Electronics.








Equipment parameters

Max Reach700 mmScan Area70 mm x 70 mm
Working Distance172.4 mm
Accuracy of CCD System ± 0.02 mm
Scan Speed ≤ 5 m/s @ f=163mm
Temperature Drift < 10 μrad / K
Long-term Drift< 150 μradScan Angle±0.393 rad
Positioning Repeatability±0.02 mmType of Lasers QCW Laser/SM Fiber Laser/Nanosecond Laser
Laser Power 150 W 500 W 100 WSupported Files DXF, CAD, etc.
Environment Requirement15°-35°,20%≤Humidity≤80%,No CondensingPower Consumption3 kW
Power SupplyAC 220V / 50HzEquipment Dimensions1660 mm×1550 mm×2000 mm
Equipment Weight1.5 T

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