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Battery Top Cover Soft Connection Laser Welding Machine


Tearing Force


Equipment Utilization Rate


Weld Width(≥)


Melt Depth(≥)

Product description

The top cover soft connection laser welding machine is mainly used for laser welding of battery tab soft connection sheet and top cover pole in EV aluminum shell battery. The core components are 6000W fiber laser of German IPG company, Germany SCANLAB high-power galvanometer, and simulation based hydrodynamic dust removal structure design. It can be used for 24-hour continuous and stable welding. The equipment integrates the top cover scanning and loading, code cutting and code scanning, jelly-roll electrode scanning and loading, top cover connection sheet laser welding, dust removal, weld mark CCD detection, jelly-roll electrode off-loading and other processes.

Product highlights

● SCANLAB galvanometer welding, high speed laser scanning, high efficiency,high production and low cost;

● German IPG fiber laser, modular plug and play design, maintenance freeoperation;

● LDD real-time quality measurement options for welding applications;

● Adjustable annular beam laser option for easy handling of automated laserwelding;

● Laser marking technology for the top cover, two-dimensional code resolution B-level or above, to ensure the traceability of product information;

● Coaxial visual monitoring, air knife, smoke exhaust device, barcode scanner;

● Amolst enclosed design, combined with high-efficiency smoke dust removal, completely suppresses dust hazards.

Equipment parameters

Equipment Capacity≥ 15 ppmScan Speed3 m/s @ f=163 mm
Equipment Product Yield≥ 99 %Equipment Utilization Rate≥ 99 %
Laser Power≥ 6000 WEquipment Weight5.5 T
Working Distance

500 m

Power Supply三相 380 V / 50 Hz
Long-term Drift< 600 μradMelt Depth≥ 1 mm
Weld Width≥ 1.5 mmTearing Force≥ 400 N
CAccuracy of CCD System± 0.05 mmCompatible Dimensions140~210mm (L) x 20~85mm (T) x 85-220mm (H)
Noise Level< 75 dB @ 1 mTotal Power of Equipment40 kW

Equipment Dimensions4500 mm(L) x 3000 mm (W)x2800mm (H)

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