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EV Battery Top Cover Spot Welding Machine


Long-term Drift(MAX)


Accuracy of Distance Sensor(±)


Shell-Cover Height Difference(MAX)


Length of T

Product description

This equipment is an EV battery top cover sealing and welding machine, which mainly realizes automatic production processes such as battery loading, top cover scanning, cell pressing, step detection, pre-spot welding, sealing and welding, flanging and rolling, and post welding detection, with a production efficiency of 20 pcs/min. The pre-spot welding adopts four channel design, which integrates laser galvanometer welding technology, fluid analysis and dust removal technology, high-speed direct drive motion control technology, welding detection technology, real-time laser power control technology, etc. to achieve high-quality welding effect.

Product highlights

● Automatic code identification of incoming materials, effectively trace and manage battery information;

● Press the top cover of the jelly-roll electrode to ensure that the top cover is fully pressed in place;

● Equipped with a pressure measurement device, the real-time feedback of the pressure can be adjusted to ensure that the height difference between the cover and the shell is < 0.1mm;

● Profilometry step height detection, NG products will not be welded, automatically discharged, reducing material waste;

● High jig processing precision, center deviation of welding spot is < 0.1mm;

● Four channel design, non-interference between shell entry and pre- spot welding, high production efficiency;

● Simulation based hydrodynamic dust removal design, highly effective suppression of dust residue.

Sample Display


Overall View of Pre-welded Top Cover


Enlarged View of the Tack Welds


Morphology of the Tack Weld

Equipment parameters

Scan Area175mm×175mmWorking Distance388mm
Scan Speed6 m/s@f=163mmLong-term Drift<600μrad
Accuracy of Distance Sensor±0.01mmShell-Cover Height Difference≤0.1mm
Length of Tack Welds≥5mmNumber of Tack Weld≥6
Noise Level<75dB@1mPower Consumption20kW
Compatible Dimensions100-170mm(L)×8-25mm(T)×55-100mm(H)

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