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EV Battery Top Cover Sealing Welding Machine


Welding speed(MAX)


Weld height(MAX)


Weld penetration(MIN)


Weld positi

Product description

The equipment is a EV battery top cover sealing welding machine, which integrates battery scanning material, battery cell pressing, step detection, pre-spot welding, sealing welding and dust removal, CCD and contour detection, weld roll pressure, short circuit detection, finished product discharge and other techniques, the production efficiency reaches 20 pcs/min. Welding station adopts double-channel design and marble base, which has strong damping and shock resistance. It integrates bus control technology, high-speed direct drive motion control technology and PSO laser control technology into one, to achieve high welding quality in the corner.

Product highlights

● Automatic incoming material code identification, effective tracking and management of battery information;

● Double channel design, high laser utilization;

● The press fixture has high consistency, and four cells are loaded at the same time;

● Step detection before welding, NG products are automatically discharged to reduce waste;

● Fiber + semiconductor dual laser beam welding, fast welding speed and stable quality;

● PSO control technology, smooth welding bead;

● Automatic flanging detection, adaptive flanging and rolling, the protrusion on the side of battery side weld is < 0.06mm, and the protrusion on the top is < 0.15mm after rolling;

● Simulation based hydrodynamic dust removal design, highly effective suppression of dust residue.

Sample Display

Overall View of the Prismatic Battery with Top Cover Welded
Enlarged View of the Corner Area Close to the Positive Electrode
Enlarged View of the Corner Area Close to the Negative Electrode

Equipment parameters

Welding Speed≤250mm/sHeight of Weld Bead0.15mm
Break Strength≥1MPaDisplacement of Weld Bead≤0.05mm
Laser Power≤3000WWeld Width≥0.8mm
Melt Depth≥0.4mmEquipment Weight<1×10-6 Pa·m3/s
Power Supply5000mm(L)×2500mm(W)×2200mm(H)

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