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EV Battery Seal Pin Welding Machine


Max Welding Speed(MAX)


Weld Width(MIN)


Weld Depth(MIN)



Product description

This equipment is a EV battery seal pin welding machine, which integrates the automatic production process of battery loading and off-loading, cover plate scanning, laser cleaning, seal pin loading, laser welding, weld detection, etc.

Product highlights

● Automatic incoming material code identification, effective tracking and management of battery information;

● 200W laser cleaning injection port, eliminating the risk of welding ;

● Automatic position deviation compensation, fast and accurate positioning;

● Turntable design, efficient use of structural space;

● Reasonable design of pressing nails and pre welding to prevent the welding of sealing nails from warping;

● CCD detection after welding, automatic sorting of NG / OK products;

● Simulation based hydrodynamic dust removal design, removal wind speed > 8m/s, highly effective suppression of dust residue.

Sample Display


Laser Welded Seal Pin of the Prismatic Battery


Laser Welded Seal Pin of the Prismatic Battery

Equipment parameters

Laser Power≤2000WAccuracy of CCD System±0.05mm
Max Welding Speed≤150mm/sEfficiency of Laser Cleaning≤2s@Φ14mm
Displacement of Weld Bead≤0.05mmWeld Width≥1mm
Weld Depth≥0.4mmPower Consumption35kW
Compatible Range100-170mm(L)×8-25mm(T)×55-100mm(H)

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