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Precision Laser Cutting Machine


Max Speed


Positioning Accuracy(±)


Gas Pressure(≤)



Product description

LrCut-F500 is a device developed for the application needs in the industries of display panel, consumer electronics, semiconductor and so on. It adopts marble gantry and dual-drive linear motor motion structure design, selfdeveloped high-performance motion control system and high-quality laser to achieve cost-effective and stable operation, and high cutting quality. It is mainly used in SMT steel mesh cutting, FPC circuit board cutting, displays panel cutting, glass cutting and etc.

Product highlights

● Marble bed, dual-drive linear motor motion system, maximum acceleration 3G;

● Fully enclosed and powerful dust extraction system design, effectively inhibits dust hazards;

● CCD assisted positioning and automatic position correction;

● High precision position synchronous laser output (PSO), homogenous energy distribution;

● Lyric Robot owned digital twin technology, supporting remote maintenance;

● Compatible with QCW pulse laser, single mode fiber laser or picosecond laser.

Sample Display


Laser Drilled Titanium Sheet with Thickness of 0.1 mm and Hole's Separation Distance of 0.2mm


Aluminum Tab Laser Cutting


Nickle Tab Laser Cutting

Equipment parameters

Working Area500 mm×500 mmLaser Power450 W 500-2000 W 10-100 W
Max Speed80 m/minSupported FilesDXF,CAD等
Max Acceleration Speed3GEnvironment Requirement5°-35°,10%≤Humidity≤95%,No Condensing
Positioning Accuracy±0.004 mmType of Assistant GasOxygen/Nitrogen/Compressed Air
Repeatability±0.002 mmGas Pressure≤ 1 MPa
Type of LasersQCW Laser/SM Fiber Laser/Picosecond LaserPower Consumption5 kW
Power SupplyAC 220V / 50HzEquipment Dimensions1850 mm×1350 mm×2280 mm
Equipment Weight2.5 TOption 1Galvoscanner
Option 2Bessel Beam Cutting

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