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Laser Tab Cutting Machine


Production Speed(MAX)


Cutting Burr(MAX)


Heat Affected Zone


Long-term Drift(<)

Product description

The laser tab Forming & Slitting machine is used for forming the positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries. The equipment is mainly composed of unwinding, tension control, deviation correction, laser tab cutting, pole slitting, dust removal, CCD detection and rewinding modules. The forming machine contains two sets of laser systems, which can simultaneously process the tabs on both sides. The forming control system supports the cutting of tabs of various shapes and sizes, and equal or variable pitch, and cutting of mark holes of different positions and shapes, and can realize real-time follow-up control of laser parameters on the belt speed.

Product highlights

● Fully optimal anti-vibration control and dust removal desing;

● Intergtrated control system and laser processing parameters setting ,cutting trajectory and parameters can be flexibly set to obtain optimized cutting performance;

● Encoder count drive to achieve dual servo control to belt speed by laser energy and frequency, optimize cutting quality in acceleration and deceleration;

● Fixed cutting path, high dimensional accuracy, good cutting quality, burr and bead ≤ 7μm;

● Two / four sets of laser systems realize simultaneous cutting of double / foursided tabs with an efficiency of up to 120 m / min;

● Supports tab cutting of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of customers and realize instant change.

Core Functions


Front Surface of the Laser Cut Positive Electrode in the Straight Line Area


Front Surface the Laser Cut Positive Electrode in the Arc Area


Section View of the Laser Cut Positive Electrode

Equipment parameters

Laser System光纤激光器+高速振镜系统Scan Speed7m/s@f=163mm
Repeatability2μradLong-term Drift<150μrad
Production Speed40-120m/minWeb Width80-1200mm
Cutting Burr≤7μmHeat Affected Zone≤150μm
Noise Lever≤75dB@1mPower Consumption20kW
Equipment Dimensions750mm(L)×2200mm(W)×2300mm(H)

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