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Laser electrode cleaning machine

1.20 s/ea

The cleaning efficiency was less than


Single station efficiency

100μ M

Heat affected zone



Product description

Laser electrode cleaning machine is positioned by the continuous belt running of the electrode piece, combined with the dust removal system optimized by hydrodynamics simulation, and uses high-speed laser scanning to quickly remove the coating film on the front and back sides of the anode plate of lithium battery, exposing the metal conductive current collector in the middle, which is convenient for the requirements of tab welding in the later process.

Product highlights

·High cleaning efficiency, single station efficiency > 15 ppm.

·The cleaning quality is good, and the residue and pinhole are less than 0.10 mm.

·The dimensional accuracy is accurate, and the dimensional error of groove position is less than 0.15 mm.

Automatic deviation correction rewinding and unwinding mechanism to ensure unwinding balance

·Real-time detection of pole piece edge deviation before cleaning, and real-time compensation of laser path to ensure cleaning area

·Adapt to the pole piece before and after rolling, the cleaning effect will not be affected.

Core Functions

The Edge of the Slot

Width Direction

Length Direction

Equipment parameters

The cleaning efficiency was less than1.20 s / EAObvious wrinkle:no obvious wrinkle
Residual≤ 0.1 mmDamage no damage
Single station efficiency15 ppmPinhole diameter≤ 0.1 mm, ≤ 5 EA / PCs
Heat affected zone< 100 μ M

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