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Three-in-one e-motor assembly solution


Equipment capacity




Single station pass rate(≥)


Automation rate

Product description

Lyric Robot's flat wire motor rotor assembly line is compatible with a variety of motor products and is used in high-end sedan brand electric vehicles.

Product highlights

· Intelligent hybrid production: flexible rotor assembly line, intelligent hybrid production, compatible with a variety of products with large differences in size, forward-looking design, and production line design compatible with future models;

· Advanced injection molding process: Integrate European advanced injection molding process to ensure the consistency of the finished rotor and the stability of high-speed operation;

· Information productivity: match the operation management system as a configuration tool to manage any production line configuration and recipe for traceable parts and components to perform value-added work;

· Provide quality tracking service, power transmission system, global parts tracking system during processing; factory information system for real-time monitoring of all mass-produced industrial equipment and machines.

Equipment parameters

Whole line capacity30w/yCycle time69s/pcs
Single station pass rate99%