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Motor rotor assembly line


Production takt(≤)


First pass rate(≥)


Automation rate

Product description

The three-in-one motor assembly production line can be adapted to a variety of high-end EV products. The box body assembly line includes heating and pressing of the rear shell, shafting assembly, shafting into the box, dynamic measurement, front shell pressing, and rear box pressing; the shafting sub-assembly line includes differential assembly, differential inspection, The shaft system is automatically loaded and pressed, and the differential screw is tightened; the assembly test line consists of controller tightening, noise test, and EOL test, which has inherent advantages in stability and safety.

Product highlights

The 70/S cycle is faster than the running speed of the assembly line in the industry
· Adopt six-axis robot integrated meshing assembly, multi-axis automatic box closing, and multi-axis dynamic measurement mechanism for dynamic measurement, which can meet the fast and automatic change of different products;
· The dynamic measurement accuracy of multi-axis system can reach ±0.005mm
· The material feeding link of the entire assembly line adopts intelligent vertical warehouse + AGV general feeding, and the assembly line and the vertical warehouse are intelligently connected automatically, which makes the operation process smoother and fully realizes intelligent production

Equipment parameters

Production takt≤70sfirst pass rate≥97%
automation rate80%Utilization rate≥80%