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Three-dimensional warehouse


AGV climbing ability


Lifting speed(MAX)


Running speed(MAX)


Fork speed(MAX)

Product description

The three-dimensional warehouse Lyric Robot integrates automatic warehouse systems, palletizing robots, shuttle vehicles, AGVs, automatic tape machines, hydraulic lifting platforms, high-rise elevators, and various types of conveyors.

Product highlights

● The stacker warehouse can save 80% of the floor space under the same storage volume;

● The vertical warehouse of the stacker is fixed by the sky and ground rails, which can well ensure the stopping and picking accuracy of the stacker;

● 1000KG ultra-high load AGV can accurately detect whether the material rack is vacant;

● The equipment has the function of vertical warehouse sorting, which can adjust the placement position according to the difference in the weight of the goods, and can set the sorting cycle as needed to reduce the deflection (inclination) of the shelf by 3mm, reduce the probability of ground subsidence by 50%, reduce the local load on the ground, and improve the overall use of the shelf. life;

● The stacker itself can judge whether the shelf to be used is vacant to prevent the collision between the stacking and the goods when the SAP system misjudges, and double guarantees the safety of use.

Equipment parameters

AGV maximum operating speed1.0m/sAGV positioning accuracy


AGV climbing abilityAGV rated load1000kg
Unit Pallet Cargo Specifications1200 ×1200×400mm (W*T*H)running speed0~160m/min(Frequency)
Fork speed0~40m/min(Frequency)Lifting speed0~40m/min(Frequency)
control methodPLC + touch screen