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Compound robot


Robot load


Travel speed


Climbing angle


Positioning accuracy

Product description

This composite robot not only integrates AGV, robotic arm and other work units, but also integrates Lyric Robot (AGV) dispatching system, equipped with a 360° safety system and modular tooling accessories, as well as Lyric Robot collaborative robot The multiple advantages of easy operation and safety greatly simplify the user's on-site application process and greatly improve the economy of the user.

Product highlights

● Various navigation methods are available, including natural contour navigation, laser navigation, and hybrid navigation;

● The payload of the robot is up to 5kg, and the mobile load is 20kg;

● It is suitable for connection and transportation of materials.

Equipment parameters


travel speed

Grab load5KGvisual systemdepth vision
Climbing angle10°positioning accuracy±10mm
control methodPLC + touch screenNavigationLaser Navigation
drive mode10000mmx3000mmx2500