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Multidimensional AGV


Stop accuracy(±)


Wishbone load(≥)


Fork arm rotation accuracy


Parallel alignment deviation

Product description

Multi-dimensional AGV refers to intelligent transport equipment that can be accurately and automatically docked in multiple dimensions, such as up and down, left and right, front and rear, rotation, and telescopic. It can be used in new energy, auto parts, precision electronics, security, rail transit and other fields .

Product highlights

● High positioning accuracy: Integrating laser navigation and fluorescent navigation technology, the stopping accuracy is as high as ±2mm, which is higher than the industry standard ±10mm;

● High compatibility and wide applicability: Multi-dimensional AGV can be applied to warehousing and logistics systems in various fields of the whole industry;

● High transfer efficiency: The pick and place task of a fixture can be completed in 1 minute (covering: 6m telescopic stroke, 180° rotation reset, 3 QR code shots and 1 parallel alignment);

● High-precision parallel alignment: precise automatic alignment, parallel deviation ≤ 0.5mm;

● One-button automatic: realize efficient and high-quality material transfer and operation, as refined and lean operation as skilled workers;

● Storage location management: The moving process can be connected to the WMS storage location management system independently developed by Lyric Robot to realize controllable and traceable materials.

Equipment parameters

Navigation formLaser + FluorescenceStop accuracy±2mm
Shelf layers3~5Fwishbone load≥80kg
Fork arm rotation accuracy0.1°Parallel alignment deviation0.5mm
walking functionFront and rear bidirectional, in-situ spin, lateral motion