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Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

70Box times/h

Stacking capacity

7520Box times/h

Shuttle capacity

200Box times/h

Logistics line capacity


Payback cycle

Product description

Smart warehouses include shelves, stacker systems, inbound and outbound conveying systems, AGV handling systems, electrical control systems, warehouse management systems, etc. The material distribution site realizes automatic and intelligent operation, and has the functions of automatic tracking and real-time update. The warehouse area space is maximized, the system, equipment and personnel are seamlessly connected, and the operation process and manpower are optimized at the same time.

Product highlights

· Use Lyric Robot WMS and WCS system to realize real-time data supervision, intelligent optimization, exception management and other functions

Balance efficiency and capacity, double-deep shelf design and support dynamic adjustment of tasks to improve order execution efficiency

· Support multiple types of warehouse splitting, flexible configuration, convenient management

The pallet can carry heavy items, reduce the workload of manual handling and reduce labor costs

· Flexible design, the system is scalable, to meet the needs of warehousing expansion, capacity improvement, and workstation backup after the project is completed.

Equipment parameters

Stacking capacity

70 cases/h

Shuttle capacity7520cases/d
Delivery and warehouse improvement46%
Receipt and warehousing improvement41%