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Rated load(MAX)


Positioning accuracy±

Product description

Lyric Robot stacker takes "closed storage" and "integration of storage and distribution" as the core design concept, which greatly exceeds the performance of traditional stacker, and cooperates with the industry-leading WMS and WCS control system to achieve high-density and high-efficiency high-rise shelves Cargo storage and sorting, has been successfully applied in new energy, ICT, automobile and other fields

Product highlights

· It can adopt the dual communication mode of optical communication and wireless communication;
Two positioning modes of absolute address recognition and relative address recognition can be adopted, so that the stacker can still execute the command action under extreme environment (fire smoke);
The laser range finder calculates the speed of the stacker in real time and monitors the movement status

Equipment parameters

Rated load50kg-3000kgcommunication modeInfrared and wifi communication
addressing modeLaser addressing + encoder addressingstacker fire fightingArmor + Fire Extinguisher
positioning accuracy±3mmrunning speedMeet production takt time requirements
Operation methodWith manual, maintenance, online automatic