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Two-way shuttle


Specified load


Maximum walking speed


Work efficiency

Product description

Energy saving, low-voltage power supply, and less energy consumption; under the same processing capacity, fewer roadways are required, reducing the use of space, reducing the floor space, and the inbound and outbound processing capacity is 3-4 times that of an automated three-dimensional warehouse
The fast shuttle system can be arranged anywhere on the upper and lower floors of the factory building, and the height requirements of the factory floor are not high
Flexible, modular, and highly expandable, it can be flexibly added at any stage according to business needs, improving system job processing capacity and stronger scheduling
The system can autonomously schedule idle shuttles for cross-operation, touching each cargo space in the warehouse

Product highlights

· Lightweight aluminum structure and aluminum die-casting manufacturing process
· Automatic self-measurement, identification of shelf location data, parameter input
· Multi-level power threshold control, independent judgment, independent online charging
· Self-developed dynamic walking positioning technology combined with motion control technology
· Data collection, edge computing, analyze and determine whether key components need maintenance and replacement, and do predictive maintenance
· Variable fork spacing to accommodate a wider range of cargo sizes
· The shuttle car can be changed to layers through the hoist
· The core of operation efficiency and service life: customized linear guides imported from forks, millions of times of telescopic access and storage of forks
· The fork spacing is independently adjusted according to the size of the material box during the traveling of the shuttle, and the combined operation saves the operation time and meets the requirement that the length of the fork does not exceed 1400mm, and the depth of the cargo space is arranged.

Equipment parameters

specified load40kgmaximum walking speed2.7m/s
Repeated positioning accuracy of walking±3mmbin width(W)
bin depth(D)400-800mmbin height(H)150-350mm
work efficiency78箱/小时

operating temperature
Power supplySuper capacitor power supply sliding contact line power supply