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Whole line solution for EV pouch battery cell


Whole plant design


Equipment capacity


Pass rate(≥)



Product description

Based on the customized design concept, this intelligent workshop is suitable for fully automatic assembly of pouch cells, including hot pressing, X-Ray testing, ultrasonic welding, aluminum-plastic film forming, aluminum-plastic film packaging, electrolyte filling, degassing, Process such as ironing and folding. The intelligent workshop is composed of a whole line and a three-dimensional warehouse. The automatic transfer in the equipment and the automatic collection of MES data are used. The logistics between each single machine is completed by the logistics line, realizing intelligent, flexible and information-based production.

Product highlights

● Preheating oven: the preheating temperature is adjustable from RT-150℃, and the adjustable accuracy is ±1℃; the cleanliness of the baking environment can reach ISO 6;

● Hot press: the pressure value can be feedback in real time, PID control, the temperature exceeds the upper and lower limit alarm, and the temperature change is displayed in real time through the panel;

● X-ray test: a set of X-ray tester is compatible with all product testing, flexible production, pole group testing: overkill rate ≤ 2%, missed kill rate 0%;

● Ultrasonic pre-welding: there is a sealed dust removal mechanism, the wind speed at the end is ≥20m/s, the wind pressure is detected in real time, and the alarm when it exceeds the lower limit;

● Hi-pot testing machine: Each group of testing institutions can perform internal self-checking as a conduction fool-proof to ensure the success rate of testing;

● Tab cutting machine: The cutting accuracy of the module can reach ±0.03mm, the positive and negative cutting knives are designed separately in a non-integrated structure, which can be quickly replaced, the material is superhard alloy, and the service life is more than 300,000 times;

● Stack thickness measuring machine: detection repeatability ±0.015mm;

● Aluminum-plastic film forming machine: independent inkjet printer, better inkjet effect; punching forming accuracy ≤±0.2mm;

● Aluminum-plastic film encapsulation machine: integration of top seal and corner seal, one-time encapsulation in place; control accuracy of seal thickness ≤±15μm;

● Electrolyte filling machine: anti-drip double protection design, vacuum de-bubble design,electrolyte filling system cleaning design;

● Degassing machine: Degassing the battery vertically, with the air bag facing upward;

● Trimming machine: cutter grinding life ≥ 200,000 times, mold repair times ≥ 10 times;

● Thickness testing machine: The detection repeatability is ±0.015mm, and the testing accuracy is high.

Equipment parameters

Operating VoltageAC380±10% 50HzYield≥98%
Rated power250KWUtiltzation
Wworking pressure0.5-0.7MpaNumber of workstations23
Control methodPLC + touch screen+MESEquipment weight0.7T/㎡
Total measurement101000mmx30000mmx2500mm