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Whole line solution for EV prismatic battery cell


Welding power


Welding area


Welding layers

Product description

The assembly line mainly realizes a total of more than 10 technological processes from the connection of the winding machine/stacker to the positive pressure helium detection of the battery. The whole line is divided into more than ten models (including logistics lines), which are compatible with 4 types of products of the same type. Complete process. The assembly line relies on MES system, intelligent logistics and warehousing to realize intelligent manufacturing. The sensor and the motor cooperate to stop, which greatly reduces the generation of dust.

Product highlights

● Appearance upgrade: continue to optimize the appearance design of the power battery assembly line, and strive to make the appearance of the whole line more technological;

● Integrated control platform: integrated control, disappearing hardware, and reducing maintenance personnel by 50%;

● Data management platform: From automation to digital operation management, a new digital platform is developed (real-time detection of the effect of entering the shell);

● Flexible production: support online repair, set up independent repair procedures, and realize multi-layer resume extraction and coverage of information;

● Short-distance feeding: intelligent online warehouse, reasonable and simple equipment feeding.

Equipment parameters

Operating VoltageAC380±10%Yield≥99%
rated power17KWUtiltzation≥97%
working pressure0.5-0.7MpaNumber of workstations124
control methodPLC + touch screen+MESequipment weight1T/㎡
total measurement30500mm*17200mm*2500mm