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High-Speed Winding Machine


Line speed


Tension fluctuation(≤±)





Product description

The equipment is mainly used for the automatic winding of EV pouch batteries. It can be compatible with two different processes of separator finishing and cathode finishing. The equipment adopts the structure of three pairs of winding needles and one-side drawing needles. Unwinding, automatic deviation correction, automatic tension detection and control, the electrode is introduced into the winding part by the gripper feeding mechanism, and is automatically wound together with the separator according to the specified process requirements. After the winding is completed, the station is automatically changed, the separator is cut, and the termination tape is attached. The finished bare cells are cold-pressed and automatically unloaded. After pre-pressing, the cells are finally transferred to the blanking outlet by the coneyor belt to realize the winding of the cells. Around the automation, flexible production.

Product highlights

· Unmanned operation and forward-looking variable diameter needle rolling design fundamentally solves the industry problem of pole ear dislocation under unmanned intervention, and greatly reduces the cost of manpower and material resources consumed by tearing and sticking Teflon.

· Flexible flying cutting system control, small pole piece jitter, high cutting efficiency, which greatly improves the constant line speed of the equipment.

Lyric Robot's roller feeding technology has changed the industry's traditional diaphragm-driven pole piece feeding technology, effectively controlling the head tension and improving the pole ear margin.

· Through the pre-formed optimization of the blanking structure, Lyric Robot successfully broke through the problem of wrinkling the 65μm pole piece and the 20μm diaphragm, and overcome the problem of 10μm adhesive paper bubbles.

Equipment parameters

Equipment Capacity≥12PPM(pole piece length<6000mm)
Line speed3000mm/s
Tension fluctuation≤±5%
total measurement7400mmx2650mmx2700mm