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Long Prismatic Cell Assembly Line


Failure Rate(≤)


Equipment Capacity(MAX)


First pass yield


Space utilization

Product description

The assembly line body mainly realizes the whole line process from the stacking of the stack to the first helium inspection, the electrolyte filling injection machine to the tray with code after the second helium leakage test.

Product highlights

· Lyric Robot innovatively adopts two forming and bending technology, step by step, and efficiently completes the tab bending process under the condition of ensuring that the tab is not damaged.

· In the laser top cover welding of long cells, high-speed and precise welding of the top cover of the cell is realized.

· In the coating process, Lyric Robot adopts servo + C5-level linear module to drive displacement and material preparation cycle in the film-taking part, and finally overcome the coating problem of long battery cells.

· For the tearing of the tab stickers, different product structures adopt the corresponding sticking methods to solve the tearing of the tab stickers from the root cause.

Equipment parameters

Machine type20 types (excluding logistics lines)Equipment Capacity≥12ppm
Number of machines24 sets (excluding logistics lines)first rate≥99.5%
Failure Rate≤2%(Single machine failure rate)total measurement174000*15800*2800