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Integrated Laser Notching and Slitting Machine


Ultra wide compatible(<)


Highest precision(±)


Heat impact(<)


Ultimate speed

Product description

This equipment is mainly used in laser die-cutting and slitting of EV lithium batteries and forming of tabs.

Product highlights

· Compatible with ultra-wide electrode (<12000mm), realizing cross-domain transformation from consumption lithium battery to EV lithium battery

· The patented technology of sedimentation waste collection can break through the problem of dust removal from the root cause

· Optimized control algorithm to support high-precision and high-speed cutting of tabs of various shapes and sizes

· The industry's advanced composite cutting cavity forming technology eliminates the stubborn problems of "dust accumulation in the back plate cutting process and electrode jitter in suspended cutting"

· Standardized and modular program control to realize one-click model change for production requirements

· Perfect equipment layout, covering a variety of die-cutting processes, one-stop to meet customer needs

Equipment parameters

Incoming electrode<3000mmCutting accuracy±1.5mm
Incoming electrode3000-6000mmCutting accuracy±2mm
Incoming electrode6000-12000mmCutting accuracy±3mm
Longitudinal burrs<15μm(Based on the current collector)Heat affected zone<70μm
Cutting speed120m/min