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Integrated laser cutting and stacking machine


Stacking speed


Production accuracy(±)


Auxiliary time(<)



Product description

The equipment realizes the processes of electrode cutting, dust removal, deviation correction, size detection, thermal compounding, high-speed stacking, compound hot pressing, cell taping and cell offloading.

Product highlights

· High-speed and high-precision cutting control technology, the accuracy can be controlled within ±0.15mm, which greatly improves the energy density and safety of the power battery.

· 10,000-level control technology for the dust of the whole machine by region, to solve the stubborn problem of production dust.

· Humanized design of conveyor belt, replacement time is 10min, easy to operate and maintain.

· The electronic cam synchronization control technology of the lamination manipulator has strong equipment coordination and ensures high-speed lamination efficiency.

· The lamination auxiliary time is controlled within 6.5s, which effectively improves the production efficiency.

Equipment parameters

Lamination speed0.15s/pcsProduction accuracy±0.15mm
auxiliary time<6.5sAlignment±0.3mm