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Module & Pack line


Module line automation rate


Pack line automation rate


Module line capacity


Pack line capacity

Product description

According to the customized design concept, the intelligent workshop combines the complete production process to complete the automatic production of single processing, assembly and stacking of modules and packs.

Product highlights

· Modular design: In each project, Lyric Robot deeply analyzes the customer's product process requirements, and combines its own standardized platform to quickly realize modular design and maximize production line benefits;

· Fire protection strategy combined with prevention and control (PACK storage): Lyric Robot has solid fire protection standards, safe and reliable temperature optical fiber monitoring, multiple fire control and emergency plans to ensure fire safety in PACK storage;

Powerful in-welding inspection system: cooperate with world-renowned manufacturers to build experimental tests to ensure welding quality;

· Fully automatic plug-in test tooling design, safer and more efficient;

· Anti-short-circuit tooling, bracket supporting profiling tooling, double-sided operation design, the production line is more intelligent and more user-friendly.

Equipment parameters

Module line automation rate85%-95%PACK line automation rate50%-90%
Module line capacity40ppmPACK line capacity64JPH