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Whole line solution for cylindrical Li battery cell


Equipment Capacity(≥)


Yield (≥)


Cell diameter (MAX)

Product description

The assembly line mainly realizes a total of more than 10 technological processes from butt coating, winding to battery positive pressure helium detection and discharge. Process. And relying on MES system and intelligent warehousing to realize intelligent, flexible and information-based production.

Product highlights

· The central integrated purification system cooperates with the single-station dust removal mechanism, and finally realizes the 10W level of the factory environment and the W level of dust control inside the equipment; it is perfectly connected with the intelligent line side warehouse to realize the automatic replenishment of all materials;
Soft production: support online repair, and realize multi-layer resume extraction and coverage of information;
· Cache mechanism: The workshop sets a 1min cache to solve minor faults without stopping;
· High-speed logistics conveying system: adopting flexible wire-pulling transportation technology, the tray is loaded with pole group into the equipment, and the cam mechanism realizes high-speed (≥200PPM) and stable production of the equipment;
· The domestic leading high-speed laser cutting technology can reach 120m/min running speed under various combination conditions such as length and width control, waste monitoring, cutting angle and so on.
Domestic leading flight welding technology: the turntable is equipped with welding head 0.21rad/s speed online welding, power: 1.2kw, welding area: 64mm², welding layers: ≥8 layers, the pole group after welding can reach 300A overcurrent capacity ;
· The domestic leading production line production information recording system, the visual flying photography technology uploads high-speed and accurate inspection data, interacts with the MES system, and records the product life cycle data;
· The first side welding technology in China, the new 45° welding technology of the pole group shell, which can effectively prevent welding impurities from falling into the pole group, and ensure product quality from the source;
· Domestic leading ultrasonic torque welding technology: the positive pole and the positive collector plate are welded by ultrasonic torque, and the welding head acts on the surface of the welding workpiece with torque vibration, the welding quality is stable, and the welding efficiency is greatly improved;
· Leading large cylinder liquid injection technology in China: Liyuan Hunter has a patented liquid injection technology, which greatly shortens the liquid injection time, improves the liquid injection precision, and saves the manufacturing cost and production cycle for customers;
· Domestic leading winding and pre-folding technology: realizes pre-folding of the poles while winding, greatly improves the flattening effect of multi-pole or full-pole cells, and improves the welding quality of the collector plate;
· The first kneading and leveling technology in China: Bending and forming by kneading the flat head at different angles can realize the kneading and leveling of the multi-pole or full-pole cell. Within ± 0.1mm.

Equipment parameters

Equipment Capacity
Cell diameter 40-46mmUtiltzation
Cell length70-170mm

total measurement857600mm x 20000mm x 2500mm (L*W*H)