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X-RAY inspection machine


Equipment Capacity


Yield (≥)


Detection accuracy(≤)

Product description

Mainly realize incoming material group buffering, thickness testing, dimensions measurement, X-ray detection process

Product highlights

Effective buffering amount of stacks: buffering setting is greater than or equal to 80pcs, and the production takt is guaranteed without stopping for minor faults;
Stable thickness detection of pole group: pressure 200N-500N, thickness range 5~20mm
· Contact type electrode group thickness detection, test accuracy ±0.1mm;
· Innovative stack detection and transfer method to ensure that the pick-up process does not cause damage to the stack;
· Innovative x-ray detection method, false positive rate < 2%, false positive rate ≤ 0%
· Binding of stack and equipment, enabling information to be traced.

Equipment parameters

Equipment Capacity
Imaging componentsFlat panel detectors and TDIUtiltzation 
Detection accuracy≤60μmDetection of pole group layers(MAX)80层
Compatible range100-220mm(L)x 40-86mm(T)x 125-220mm(H)x 80-200mm(D)
total measurement8200mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x 2500mm(H)