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Punching and sealing machine


Missing kill rate


Overkill rate


Product Excellence Rate



Product description

The equipment is suitable for the production process of automatic sealing of EV pouch batteries. The equipment is mainly composed of the bare cell feeding and pulling belt, the bare cell CCD detection and positioning mechanism, the tab refolding mechanism, the aluminum film feeding mechanism, the aluminum film dust removal mechanism, the aluminum film cutting mechanism, the aluminum film punching Pocket mechanism, and the Pocket top cutting mechanism, bare cell entering mechanism, top sealing mechanism, side sealing mechanism, bottom sealing mechanism, Hi-pot test, double side cutting mechanism, undercutting mechanism, code printing and scanning mechanism, CCD cell size detection and other mechanisms .

Product highlights

•Technical precipitation: The sales volume of automatic sealing machines for sealing technology has reached hundreds of units, and the sealing technology is mature;

• Double station for coil material: reduce film changing time, one roll of aluminum film works, and one roll is spare;

•High precision of punching pocket: changing the form of continuous film in the past, in the form of sheet film, the use precision is controllable, the depth of pocket pit after punching is ±0.30mm

•Double pit function: It can be compatible with the function of no punching hole and punching hole in the air bag part, and has the function of being compatible with double punching;

•Modular design of fixture: realize quick disassembly and quick assembly, reducing the time of changing type.

• Automatic docking AGV feeding

Equipment parameters

Equipment Capacity20PPM
pocket depth±0.30mm
Missing kill rate≤0.0%
overkill rate≤0.5%
Compatible range120~250mm(L)*65~140mm(W)*8~17mm(T)
total measurement9100mmx3600mmx2700