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Stacking and forming machine

0.3 ±

A/C Overhang


A/S Overhang

5 ℃(≤ ±)

Temperature control accuracy

5 ℃(≤)

Temperature uniformity

Product description

The equipment mainly realizes the production of one or two single-sided coating stack and separator forming on the surface of a consumer lithium-ion battery, and the special-shaped area of the separator is cut as a whole. Loading and unloading of layered stack, automatic cell loading and unloading, single-sided coating stack Stacking, hot pressing, laser cutting, cell stacking accuracy detection, bad product screening function, and compatible with regular shape and special-shaped battery assembly and other functions.

Product highlights

• 50~3000 gf ± 10% tension setting range to ensure constant tension control turn by turn during unwinding;

• ≤10 min platen surface temperature rise time (RT to 100 ℃), high equipment efficiency;

• The surface temperature of the platen can be set arbitrarily within 25℃~120℃, and the temperature control accuracy of the upper and lower platens is ±5℃;

• The temperature uniformity of the platen is high, and the temperature difference of each point within the 150*150mm area of the pressure center is ≤5℃;

• CCD has high detection accuracy and resolution ≤0.025mm, ensuring high alignment of stack and  separator Stacking;

• The front stack and the cell are dedusted to ensure that the requirements of Hi-pot detection in the rear section are met;

• The dust removal design of the whole machine ensures that the production environment is clean and tidy;

Equipment parameters

Yield≥ 98%Utiltzation≥ 95%
A/C Overhang± 0.3A/S Overhang± 0.6
Temperature control accuracy≤ ± 5 ℃temperature uniformity≤ 5 ℃
equipment noise≤ 75 dB @ 1 mtotal equipment power25 kW
Power Requirements380 V /50 Hz