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PERC laser grooving equipment


Equipment Capacity


Silicon wafer thickness


Image accuracy(≤)


Fragmentation rate(<)

Product description

The laser system is used in the mass production line of PERC battery back passivation. It adopts laser ablation of the passivation film on the back of the battery, and can provide two production methods, online or offline.

Product highlights

· 532nm nano green laser imported from the United States, stable and reliable

The mold opening pattern can be freely set according to the needs: solid line, dotted line, dot, etc., the pattern accuracy is ≤±15μm

High degree of automation, optional online and offline, and the loading and unloading mechanism can be docked with AGV trolleys

· Precise visual positioning, high-speed flexible mechanism transmission, the fragmentation rate is less than 0.03%

· Independent dust filter device: dust removal efficiency > 95%, dust filter efficiency > 99%

Equipment parameters

Cell size166mm*156mm-210mm*210mmmaximum capacity7200uph
Wafer thickness150-250μmImage accuracy≤±15μm
Fragmentation rate<0.03%Dust removal efficiency>95%