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Fully automatic ultra-fast nondestructive slicer




Equipment Capacity


Fragmentation rate(≤)


Failure rate(<)

Product description

The laser system is used for rapid splitting and separation on the assembly line, and uses non-destructive technology to split the cells into specified specifications.

Product highlights

· The horizontal reverse detection is judged by detecting the direction of the grid line;

· Feeding debris detection: 5 million pixels (conventional), can detect edge chipping and missing corners;

· Position information acquisition, the offset information (X,) is fed back to the laser system through the positioning of the silicon wafer, and the repeat cutting accuracy is ≤0.1mm for cutting position compensation;

· Quick product switching;

· Unqualified products can be quickly rejected.

Equipment parameters

Cell size156*156-230*230thickness150-300μm
Capacity7200 pieces/hour (whole piece)cutting methodGalvo grooving + split cutting method
Fragmentation rate≤0.05%Yield≥99.5%
Failure Rate≤1%Laser wavelength1064nm