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Molded Graphite Bipolar Plate Manufacturing Solutions


Cycle time(≤)

0.02 mm

Thickness accuracy(±)


Length and width accuracy(±)

Product description

Bipolar plates are mainly used to separate fuel and oxidant, preventing gas from permeating; collecting and conducting current, with high conductivity; widely used in automobiles, decentralized power generation and portable power sources; it is an important part of hydrogen fuel engines.

Product highlights

· It can realize automatic continuous production of feeding, molding and unloading;

· Forming: according to the size of the plate, one can be one, one can be two;

· Fully automated production;

· Equipped with high-precision screw valve, high precision and stability of glue output;

· Equipped with CCD vision system to ensure accurate positioning of each dispensing;

Equipment parameters


Thickness accuracy≤±0.02 mmLength and width accuracy±0.1 mm